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Women as a force of nature

Imagine what would it feel like to live in a world where nature is treated as sacred, rooted in the deep understanding that we are nature.

Around the world, women are connecting to this ethos, rising to inspire a reforestation revolution like nothing seen before. Together their goal is to plant a billion trees a year, to become a force of nature on behalf of nature.

This movement is being energised by TreeSisters, a global non-profit focusing on women’s empowerment and tropical reforestation, both of which sit in the top ten solutions to help reduce climate change.

Having grown into a grassroots network of 250,000 women strong, TreeSisters is planting almost two million trees around the world, with planting projects in Kenya, Brazil, Madagascar, India, Nepal, and Cameroon.

All of these projects have incredible impacts on both people, plants, and the planet, including the protection of endangered animals and some of the most threatened communities in the world, with a special focus on empowering women as deforestation impacts the lives of women most.

Part of what makes TreeSisters so unique is the way in which they are calling for a quality of leadership in women that is innate and yet often shamed, underestimated or overlooked: the ability to deeply feel.  By feeling at one with nature, we can access the natural and cyclical intelligence of our own bodies - and realign our values and everyday choices to protect, serve and create life.  This kind of heartfelt leadership is what TreeSisters calls 'feminine nature-based leadership', and while they are calling for this most strongly in women, they are clear that men are welcome too. Their ultimate goal is to make it normal for everyone to give back to nature.

TreeSisters next major milestone is to reach an inspiring goal of planting a billion trees a year. Women in the network who identify as 'treesisters' are stepping forward like never before and offering their generosity to this movement.

If you're feeling inspired this International Women's Day to become part of a global sisterhood of women, to be a force of nature on behalf of nature - then come and learn more about becoming a TreeSister. You can plant approximately 800 trees a year with a £20 a month membership. Find out how many trees you can plant with a monthly donation. Also, to date, through our 1% For The Planet partnership, you have helped Pukka to plant 5,607 trees with TreeSisters. Thank you all.

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