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Introducing Pukka’s Herbal Research

Here at Pukka Herbs, we invest in a vibrant programme of herbal research led by Dr Viv Rolfe (Pukka Head of Herbal Research), working with world-leading universities. Our aim is to spark a herbal health and wellbeing revolution to help society appreciate the health benefits of herbs. We build our research upon the traditional wisdom of Ayurveda, and carry out research studies to increase the available medical evidence.

Student Internships

We engage with the next generation of herbal scientists and bring students from a wide range subjects from biomedical science to psychology and agriculture into Pukka. We have clinical studies underway with the University of Southampton on the herb andrographis, Northumbria University on turmeric and Exeter University on shatavari. We have recently had scientific papers published with the University of the West of England looking at the health benefits of herbal teas, and University College London which looked at the sourcing and quality of organic turmeric.

How we work

We access the latest scientific research to inform our approaches to healthcare and the creation of our teas and supplements. For many herbs like turmeric, the clinical benefits are well studied, but we are also interested in the longer term preventative health benefits of drinking herbal teas.

What we are working on in 2019

We are working with Exeter University to study the benefits of shatavari, a herb traditional used by women, to understand its effects on bone and muscle. We also have a study with Northumbria University to look at turmeric and cognition. We are also planning to look at herbs that support a healthy microbiome.   

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