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Breathe deeply to cleanse your mind and body

In our big cities, cleaning our lungs is such an important way to good health yet few do it well. Best of all it’s free and can be done anywhere at any time. Imagine that first view of the beach, closing your eyes and breathing in the sea air. How good does it feel? So why not make it a part of your routine before or after Pilates – just follow the Pukka way to help cleanse your lungs as described below.

Many of the herbs in Pukka teas help our bodies to cleanse naturally. Feel New tea with organic fennel and aniseed, Cleanse tea with organic nettle and peppermint or Clean Green tea with whole leaf green tea and Sicilian lemon. All these incredible organic herbs are a natural way through the toxins in our environment. Gently but effectively helping you achieve that perfect balance of cleansing and building to help you add more colour to your life.

Pukka’s guide to breathing clean

This breathing technique involves strongly expelling air from your lungs and allowing the natural relaxation from this contraction to draw fresh air back in - like a natural sponge regaining shape after being squeezed. It’s safe for almost everyone except those suffering with high blood pressure, hernias or vertigo.

Sit comfortably in a cross-legged position. Allow your body to ground – straighten your back, close your mouth, lightly shut your eyes and gently settle your breathing. When ready, start to expel the air in your lungs forcefully through your nostrils keeping your mouth closed. Focus on contracting your stomach muscles. This moves your diaphragm upwards and inwards – pushing the stale air out of your lungs. When all breath is out, allow your stomach to relax. This draws your diaphragm down and like a sponge brings in fresh air.

Breathe in and out quite quickly – a breath each second. Repeat 25-50 times and then draw a deep breath in and hold for a few moments before breathing out. Breathe normally for a few moments and when ready, repeat the whole sequence 3-5 times.

Your lungs will now be cleansed, your blood rid of higher levels of carbon dioxide and replenished with fresh oxygen.

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