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A guide to cleansing for the kapha dosha

Kapha types can really benefit from regular cleansing as they are the one dosha that is most susceptible to congestive build-ups due to their slower digestive system and overall metabolism.

The important point to remember about the kapha dosha is that they have a naturally lower body temperature and, in order to encourage the processes of cleansing and detoxification, they need a bit of heat. So, foods during a cleanse should still be simple and vegetable-based, but they should be warm and spiced. Avoid the addition of any oils or dairy as these are especially hard for a kapha type to break down.

Think about adding herbs such as ginger, black pepper and turmeric into your meals. Herbs that keep kapha in check are those which are generally more heating and stimulating with the power to shift deep congestion. Pukka Wholistic Turmeric capsules and Clean Chlorella tablets pack a slightly hotter punch and will help remove sticky, tough accumulations from the body.

Pair this with Pukka teas that will help stoke digestive fires such as After DinnerRevitaliseTurmeric Gold, Three Fennel and Three Ginger.

Pointers that are helpful for all three dosha would be to keep diets simple; vegetable-based and dairy-free as well as reducing or cutting out caffeine and alcohol. Keep exercise to a minimum and remember not to overdo it as your body will be working harder than usual during a cleanse.

Don't know your dosha? Take our dosha quiz to find out.

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