Why does the juicy wheat grass juice powder have such a high chlorophyll content?

The reason that it has such a high chlorophyll content is because we use wheat grass juice powder as opposed to just wheat grass powder. Wheat grass powder can contain a lot of fibre. In addition our grass is grown in a field and not in a tray which optimises chlorophyll content.

Average chlorophyll content in wheat grass is 320mg/100g. The 100g is squeezed to make the juice. Grass fibre content is around 22% so from 100g grass we get about 78g grass juice with a total of 320mg chlorophyll. This 78g is then dehydrated in a ratio of 30:1 and becomes 2.6g wheat grass juice powder 320mg of chlorophyll.

In 4g Wheat grass juice we therefore have 492mg chlorophyll.