Some Pukka supplements contain seaweed which is a natural source of iodine; is this safe if I have a thyroid condition?

Iodine has many functions within the body, including supporting normal metabolic function and, when in high levels, enhancing thyroid function. It is ingested as part of our daily diet through the consumption of foodstuffs such as fish, seafood and seaweed. At Pukka we use Arctic Fresh Seaweed in some of our supplements to enhance the absorption of herbs contained within our formulas. Although seaweed is a natural source of iodine, the amount in the Pukka supplements is very low. The European Commission/Scientific Committee on Food state that a safe daily intake of iodine for an adult should be no more than 600 micro-grams. As an example, Pukka Wholistic Ashwagandha contains 31 micro-grams of iodine per two capsule serving which is a similar iodine content to one egg. So, the amount of iodine ingested through our supplements is well below the safe daily recommended intake. This makes them useful to enrich an iodine poor diet as may be found in many regions of the world (particularly in England and Wales) due to low soil iodine levels.