Why does Cacao Maca Magic have ‘cacao’ in the name but ‘cocoa’ in the ingredients?

Legally there is no recognised separate definition of ‘cacao’ and regulations require us to use the term “cocoa bean powder” in our ingredients list. However, in the industry ‘cocoa’ sometimes refers to ‘Dutched cocoa’: also known as ‘European style' or 'alkalised cocoa’: a product that has been alkalised (had its acidity reduced) and is suitable for making hot chocolate or in baking. Cocoa beans (from the plant Theobroma cacao) are naturally acidic. ‘Cacao’ is therefore sometimes used for cocoa products that use only ground unprocessed roasted beans. At Pukka we source our cocoa to organic standards and preserve its natural qualities through minimal processing. and could therefore truly define our product as ‘cacao’ – the word we use in our latte brand name.