Does black pepper improve the absorption of curcumin? If so, why isn't it in the Turmeric Gold?

Turmeric has many traditional benefits, increasingly confirmed by modern research. Curcumin is the dominant constituent but not the only active one. The use of piperine from pepper to enhance curcumin absorption is just one scientifically proven piece. Other spices, notably ginger, as well as ingredients such as coconut milk are also likely to increase absorption. More important is the rapid growth in research that shows that a large part of the benefits of curcumin and turmeric are inside the digestive system - in other words, not needing absorption at all.

The health of the bowel flora or microbiome will be enhanced by a unique prebiotic action and there are many ways in which turmeric engages the ‘gut-brain axis’ and modulates immunity and inflammation across the body, just from the gut wall. None of this is surprising as traditional Ayurvedic medicine was clear that turmeric started by being a digestive remedy. Here at Pukka we formulate our turmeric products to bring this traditional legacy into the modern world.