The Womankind series

For the WomanKind project, Lou has been inspired by the shared experiences of women from many different backgrounds. Childhood memories, life's learnings and finding the drive needed to bring about real positive change.

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Health and wellbeing

21 different of the herbal ingredients in our range of women's teas and supplements have been stitched into the Cape of Empowerment. Each celebrates the incredible power of organic plants to help naturally support female health and wellbeing.

As part of the Womankind Project, in this collection of articles, our herbal team offers expert guidance to help support women during some of life's key stages.

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Healthy habits to help ease low levels of generalised anxiety that women often experience on a daily basis.

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How understanding your Ayurvedic dosha can help you prepare for a much smoother and healthier menstrual cycle.

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Ways to naturally ease the symptoms of menopause using teas, supplements, herbs and nurturing daily practises.

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As part of the Womankind project, we have been sharing stories with inspiring women all around the world. Now we'd like to open the conversation up to the wonderful women in our Pukka community.

Use the hashtag #WomanKind to tell us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram about women from your own circle who are a total inspiration to you. Let's share the love and positivity!

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Introducing our new range of organic herbal teas and supplements, specially crafted using medicinal grade herbs, organic foods and natural vitamins to support women’s health and wellbeing.

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