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Week 1

Week One: Cleanse and Detox

We are all familiar with feeling below par, especially after we’ve been overdoing it; eating too much, drinking too much, working too much, the list goes on. Our bodies and minds can become ‘clogged up’.

When this happens, we can benefit from refreshing and cleansing ourselves to restore our balance.

If you do one thing this week...

Try our simple Clean Green Smoothie recipe to help boost skin health through a natural, flavoursome blend, boasting the power of green plants.

Discover The Art of Cleansing

An occasional gentle, natural detoxification of the body is a good way to help keep the whole system in balance, especially after times of excess.

It can help you feel clear-minded and relaxed, sleep more soundly and feel more refreshed when you wake.

Find out more about toxins and how they accumulate and learn the art of cleansing the Pukka way.

Clean Green Smoothie Recipe

The power of clean, green plants such as spinach, mint and avocado can’t be underestimated – eating these and other green ingredients is a powerful and easy way to help us cleanse and detox without the need for faddy diets.

Try our quick and easy Clean Green Smoothie recipe for a healthy, energising breakfast drink packed with natural vitamins and minerals.

Be inspired to harness the power of greens with our Healthy Green Smoothie Pinterest board.

Recipe: Forgive Me For I Have Sinned

If you’re feeling frazzled after the festive season, this recipe for a cleansing herbal tea could be just the thing.

From the new book Cleanse, Nurture, Restore with Herbal Tea by Sebastian Pole, available in all good bookshops now or online.

This help-you-feel-good tea aids digestion, stimulates sluggish circulation and refreshes your mind.

The Digestible Guide Volume. I

When it comes to cleansing your body of harmful toxins, a good place to start is with the stomach.

You’ll be happy to hear that lots of food items you already have at home are great for helping to naturally cleanse the body whilst supporting the digestive system.

In the quick-read first volume of The Digestible Guide, we introduce five easy options that you can start adding to your diet this week.

Week 2

Week Two: Nourish and Digest

Digestion is at the centre of our health. When our digestive fire is balanced, not only do we have a healthy glow, we feel more positive - bringing confidence and optimism.

A beautiful way to love yourself is to give your body what it really needs.

If you do one thing this week...

Read our ‘Mindful Manners’ article, exploring how eating more mindfully could help with health and enjoyment of eating.

The Digestible Guide Volume. II

 A healthy digestive system helps to ensure the nourishment from our food is absorbed in the right way. Ayurveda, India's ancient health system, can help us to understand our individual 'digestive fire'.

The second volume of The Digestible Guide will help you identify your type of 'digestive fire', and explore some herbs to nourish your digestion. 

Learn more about Turmeric, one of the key herbs in this week's guide, in our Introducing Turmeric film. 

Recipe: Mint Digestif

Boost your digestive fire without overheating with our cooling Mint Digestif herbal tea recipe.

This recipe is taken from the new book Cleanse, Nurture, Restore with Herbal Tea by Sebastian Pole, available in all good bookshops now or online


Mindful Manners

In our busy lives, it's easy to overlook the importance of how we eat. Try these seven small changes at mealtimes:

1.Before you eat, make sure you are calm
2.Don't eat whilst standing up or walking
3.Choose wholesome, fresh, colourful foods
4.Start each meal with something a little spicy to stimulate digestion
5.Chew your food properly to ensure digestive enzymes get to work in the mouth
6.Be aware of how digestion feels before and throughout each meal
7.Take time to relax after eating, even just 5 minutes

Photo Competition: Love & Nourish Relationships

What better way to reconnect and reenergise than by nurturing healthy, loving relationships in your life?

This week, use the hashtag #RestoreYourBalance to share a photo of you and a loved one (cats and dogs included) enjoying a Pukka cuppa together and you could win a box of Pukka Love tea and a natural, organic Energy Boosting Kit from our friends at Neom Organics. Full T&Cs

Week 3

Week Three: Energise and Rejuvenate

Just imagine feeling full of energy, bursting with vitality, having bright eyes and clear skin, excellent digestion and feeling full of optimism. Journeying towards rejuvenation can help us to achieve all of these.

If you do one thing this week...

Tune into our Facebook Live Beauty Class on Friday at 12pm with our Senior Herbalist Katie Pande to learn natural beauty rituals for glowing, rejuvenated skin.

Facebook Live Beauty Class

Would you like to learn how to make your own natural beauty products?

Join our Senior Herbalist, Katie Pande, on 20th January at 12pm GMT for our Facebook Live Beauty Class using Pukka teas and remedies to create your own natural skin and hair care products.

Tune in to find out how you could win a Pukka Beauty Bundle containing Castor Oil, Turmeric Lifekind capsules, Clean Greens powder and Glow capsules. 

The Digestible Guide Volume III

The more we learn about gut health, the more science is understanding the link between immunity and a healthy digestive system. 

In the final instalment of the quick-read Digestible Guide, we focus on the connection between immunity and the gut and the herbs which have been used for centuries to promote digestive health and immunity. 

Simple steps to sleeping soundly

Sleeping well is an essential part of feeling energised and rejuvenated.

Irregular sleeping patterns and disturbed sleep can leave you feeling exhausted, anxious and stressed.

Read our five simple steps to sleeping soundly to find out which foods, herbs and exercise routines you can try to improve your sleep. 


Coming Soon

Come back for Week Four: Grow and Nuture. To make sure you don't miss out, sign up for our email updates for your weekly dose of wellbeing throughout January. 

Week 4

Week four – Grow and Nurture

Being aware of our tendencies, constitution and lifestyle can bring us closer to having an illuminated heart and mind.
Nurture healthy habits and feel the benefits.

If you do one thing this week, delve into the world of something by reading our inspiring article.

Herbalist Advice: Herbs to harness your focus, clarity and drive

The modern busy lifestyle of juggling work, family and relationships means that our exposure to so called ‘stress’ is high, affecting our inherent focus, clarity and drive. Just as we need to support and train our physical body to make it strong and resilient, we also need to support our mind. Awareness, consciousness and experience all contribute towards how the mind learns, processes and reacts. In Ayurveda, an individual’s sense of consciousness is known as ‘buddhi’ and it is this that helps us to determine and discriminate, ultimately manifesting in our actions and state of awareness. It’s likened to a mirror that can ‘reflect’ the truth and help guide us to our true ‘Buddha’ nature. Ashwagandha and Tulsi (Holy Basil) are two key herbs in Ayurveda that can help build resistance to stress and enhance the mind.

In Ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha is known as a ‘rasayana’ meaning a rejuvenative. Rasayanas enhance both the quality and quantity of life, nourish the mind and enhance vigour; a truly superior rejuvenative tonic to the whole body and mind. Interestingly the Sanskrit word ‘ashwagandha’ is translated as ‘the smell of a horse’ which reflects its ability to bring you the essence of a horse; strength, stamina and focus.

Tulsi is a very special plant. For thousands of years it has been worshipped by Hindus, who consider it to be an avatar of the Goddess Laxmi. Many Indian villages dedicate shrines to the plant and also use its bark to make meditation beads. Tulsi supports emotional wellbeing and eliminates the ‘blues’. It brings mental clarity whilst also relaxing the nervous system, clearing mental fog and calming a racing mind. It restores adrenal glands which have become exhausted by trauma, depression or anxiety through modulating our internal stress response. A truly clarifying herb. 

: herbs to harness your focus, clarity and drive


Share your #RestoreYourBalance experiences with @pukkaherbs and you could appear in our gallery. 

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