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Pukka's Herbal Expertise

We’re a company with a true herbal heritage; over 22% of our employees have a formal qualification (degree, masters or PhD) in herbal medicine, plant medicine or nutrition. We passionately believe there is much to learn from the medical wisdom of traditional healing systems, coupled with an expert understanding of scientific research.

One of the ways we deliver our mission is through the herbal creations we make. We source and use only the best quality, practitioner-grade, organic ingredients and our herbal experts draw on insights from the latest herbal research and education to make our blends.

We keep innovating and bringing out new creations that suit different tastes, preferences and lifestyles but always with an eye on what really impacts upon human health.

Why do we need a herbal revolution?

We want to spark a herbal health and wellbeing revolution, to help our society appreciate the benefits of herbs to human health. Human healthcare worldwide is at a pivotal point - and there are significant challenges ahead.

Around the world, we are living longer but less healthily. Diseases linked to both over and under-nutrition are highly prevalent, while antimicrobial resistance is an imminent global threat, making the need to find alternatives to antibiotics ever more urgent.

We need to create a sustainable healthcare system that supports and optimises human health whilst nurturing the diversity and future of our planet. By providing education opportunities and promoting better health choices, Pukka is advocating for a herbal revolution of preventative and alternative healthcare, where herbs are at the forefront of wellness.

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