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Pukka is planting 1 million trees with TreeSisters

So far, we’ve planted 700,000 trees around the world, with tree planting charity, TreeSisters, and by the end of 2021, we will have planted 1 million.

According to a recent study, reforestation is 'one of the best climate change solutions available today.' By destroying trees, we are destroying the very ecosystems nature has designed for cleaning up excess carbon dioxide that is warming our world. TreeSisters currently plants over two million trees a year across nine tropical ecosystems - supporting restoration through a reforestation revolution.

Through our donations, trees will be planted in Madagascar and Nepal. The reason is that Madagascar and Nepal are close to the equator and are part of the tropical forest belt – areas of the world where urgent forest restoration or conservation can reduce the earth’s natural cooling system where trees grow 3 times faster than temperate trees and sequester 3 to 9 times more carbon. These are areas of the world where urgent forest restoration and conservation are vital if we are to protect the last frontiers of our remaining Intact Forests Landscapes.

When you buy Pukka, you are helping to reforest our world.

We first began working with TreeSisters in 2017. We started out by donating money to plant trees instead of sending Christmas cards but what has since evolved is a meaningful partnership, built on a collective ambition to restore our planet.

By working with TreeSisters we are not only planting trees, but also ensuring the protection of vital habitats for endangered species such as lemurs and sea eagles. We are supporting local communities in some of the world's poorest countries through providing sustainable incomes which release them from indentured slavery. And we are empowering women through long-term employment which enables their children to go to school, often for the first time. The impact of TreeSisters’ work restores the relationship between local people and local environments ensuring protection rather than destruction of forest landscapes.

When we make the shift from consuming our world to restoring her, we will have turned a major corner. Pukka recognises the link between personal and planetary health and now they are inviting their customers to make the choice to purchase in a way that helps to restore the global forest - every company needs to do this.” Clare Dubois, Founder & CEO TreeSisters

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