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Key Ingredients Found In Our Night Time Collection That Help You Catch Zzz’s

At Pukka, we strive to support whole body health and wellbeing. In Ayurveda, this is a foundational practice of incorporating lifestyle, mental health, diet, sleep, and joyful practices to create a balanced state of living wellness. Likewise, our herbal formulas encompass herb heroes that support many areas of the body at once, and when used synergistically in a delicious herbal formula, can be a powerful ally for specific areas of health. 

Sleep is one of the largest areas of health that we can overlook personally, and as a contributor to global health issues. More than ⅓ of American’s report poor quality sleep, and just as many report inadequate time for sleep. This means more than ⅓ of American’s are functioning with consistently poor restorative sleep, and lack of time to devote at least 8 hours of sleep per night. 

Finding your solution to good quality and quantity sleep can be a tricky process. So much contributes to the success of our sleep including our sleeping environment, daily stress, adequate exercise, our diet, mental health, and hormone balance. Herbs can be an excellent support in addition to balancing these other wellbeing factors. 

Key Herb Heroes in our Sleep Family

Our sleep and relax family of herb heroes in Pukka’s Night Time Tea relies upon tried and true herb heroes that - just like the power of sleep - support whole body health. This includes herbal nervines such as chamomile and valerian, adaptogenic licorice and tulsi, and nutritive nervous system supporting milky oat. 

Chamomile  | Traditionally used to gently calm an anxious mind, relax tense muscles, and soothe digestion. Chamomile is gentle enough for the whole family, and powerful enough for immediate calming and relaxing benefits. Chamomile has historically been a go-to home herb that makes a delicious tea! Try it in Pukka’s RelaxNight Time, and Chamomile, Vanilla & Manuka Honey teas for its soothing and peaceful benefits, especially before bedtime. 

Valerian | A time honored herb used for generations to promote deep and restful sleep, especially for those with heavy physical fatigue who feel “tired and wired”. Valerian helps to sedate, ground and settle a hyperactive nervous system (from too much daily stress), while also regulating the sleeping pattern to ensure an undisturbed and refreshing night's sleep. Valerian is a core ingredient of Pukka’s Night Time tea, where it works synergistically with other supportive herbs for sleep, stress, and rejuvenation. 

Licorice | A classic Ayurvedic tonic herb with a characteristic naturally sweet flavor fifty times sweeter than sugar. It is included in many of Pukka's blends for its sweetness and rejuvenating qualities. Licorice is a bit like the effect of putting a pinch of salt in your food to bring out the best flavors, licorice makes a formula more effective. Because of this unique quality, it is considered to enhance the power of synergy between different herbs in a blend and is used in many classic formulas as a harmonizer. Traditionally used as a nourishing, grounding and adaptogenic herb, licorice helps to support the body’s natural energy reserves. All of the licorice Pukka uses in our formulas is Fair Wild Certified. 

Tulsi | A sacred and highly respected herb in Ayurveda, tulsi (also known as holy basil), is a gentle and powerful adaptogenic herb that supports our mood, energy reserves, and ability to respond to stress over time. Tulsi has a rich and aromatic flavor, with an ability to uplift the spirit and engage our senses. 

Oat Tops | A nutrient rich and deeply tonic herb, traditionally used to nourish the mind and strengthen a stress-overloaded nervous system. Historically, oat tops were used to soothe mental exhaustion and deep fatigue (and best when used for at least four weeks!). Oat tops are especially wonderful for new parents, stressed out students, and folks working long hours. You can enjoy the benefits of oat tops in Pukka’s Night Time and Relax teas

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