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Establishing peaceful routines for a calm end of year

Maintaining a routine or a sense of order in our day can help to center us during the last two months of the year when the winter solstice is upon us, and we are drawn inward to ground and reflect. These small, personal routines and practices act as our anchors when we feel like the days may be getting away from us, or a sense of overwhelm creeps in. Sticking to a schedule is especially helpful for the Vata dosha who are more prone to being scattered and overwhelmed with too many tasks. December can be a very fulfilling month as we all try to wrap up our year and embrace the new winter season, and although our daily schedule may fluctuate, keeping a few staple activities and practices in our routine will help to tether us to a sense of control, and encourage us to continue to check in with ourselves and maintain a healthy mental and emotional state. 


Here are a few Pukka practices to establish peaceful routines during our busiest months: 


  • Wake up at the same time consistently each day, and go to bed at the same time each night. Keep these anchors at the beginning and end of your day to support a healthy circadian rhythm, and encourage a clear “shut off” time. Read more: How to Nod Off Naturally  

  • Devote 5-20 minutes per day for mindfulness. These are small moments to pause in a hectic day and reflect on how you’re feeling. Is your stress feeling high, or your body feeling tense, or your mind feeling scattered? These small anchor pauses can be only 2 minutes at a time, but encourage us to reflect on our own mental and physical state, take a few deep breaths, and re-set. Schedule these mindful moments on your calendar or set a reminder on your phone every other hour to take pause. 

  • Connect with nature every day. This daily ritual of grounding into the environment around us has so many physical and mental benefits that is especially important to establish in the winter months. 3-5 minutes in the morning, afternoon and evening is a peaceful grounding practice to feel the seasonal chill, smell the air, and again take pause. This is especially helpful for Pitta dosha who tend to over-work and not take a break for their mind to unwind during the day. 

  • Make sure to keep moving. Winter is a beautiful time for rest and reflection, but be sure to maintain a healthy pace of movement each day to dispel stress and encourage circulation. This is especially helpful for Kapha dosha who tend towards being a bit more sedentary and sluggish with slower circulation. Taking a brisk afternoon walk can put your mind at ease, and allow a reprieve from the accumulated anxiety or stress in our day. Read more: The Kapha Winter Wellbeing Guide.

  • Enjoy your favorite herbal teas throughout the day. There’s nothing more peaceful and soothing than taking a few minutes to sip a warm and armatic cup of tea anytime of day or night. RelaxNight Time, and Lemon Ginger & Manuka Honey are a few of Pukka’s winter staples, and ideal for calming and supporting peaceful routines during your day. 

Making a Peaceful Routine Schedule

Set a simple framework for your day, and stick to it. Your peaceful routines could look something like this:

7am - Wake up

10am: Herbal tea on the porch (10 minutes)

1pm: Afternoon outdoor walk (20 minutes)

3pm: Quiet breathing (5 minutes)

7pm: Herbal tea, no devices

9:30pm: Sleep

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