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The best herbal teas to drink from morning to night

Do you measure your day in cups of tea? We drink 165 million cups of black tea each day in the UK and are rightly known as a nation of tea-lovers.

However, with growing awareness of how herbs can help support the body and mind, there has never been a more exciting time to explore different herbal teas to enjoy throughout your day.

This is why we've created our Day to Night Collection - five delicious, functional herbal tea blends to help support you through from dusk til' dawn...

7am – Jump start your day with ginseng

When the alarm goes off, some are lucky enough to leap out of bed. Most of us need a much-anticipated mug of something to ease us into the day, but what is the best herbal tea to drink in the mornings?

To jump-start your day, reach no further than Ginseng Matcha Green, this tea is great for early mornings. The perfect blend of organic energising herbs and whole leaf green tea to kick-start your morning. Red ginseng is well known for its uplifting properties and as an adaptogenic herb for the adrenal glands.

Matcha is a special type of powdered green tea, rapidly growing in popularity due to increased understanding of its incredible wellbeing benefits.

Matcha also contains various compounds that are associated with improving health, reducing stress and increasing alertness.

Interestingly, both matcha and green tea contain L-theanine which helps balance the caffeine in this blend, providing a sustained energy release compared with both coffee and black tea.

It’s the perfect brew for our over-stimulated busy world. Ideal if you’re looking for that morning boost of energy without the crash.

10am – To give your day a golden glow

Ayurveda, ancient wisdom that has been passed down for centuries in India, views that we should try and complete any mentally taxing work before lunch, leaving the afternoon free for more creative, recreational activities where possible.

 has been blended with the queen of protective herbs to sustain life’s majestic glow. In India, the turmeric root is known as the ‘Golden Goddess’. It has been used for centuries as a naturally powerful way to nourish and support the body and is one of Pukka’s hero herbs for good reason.

If a mid-morning slump is looming, take five minutes out to enjoy a cup, allowing your mind to refocus. This is a good opportunity to give your eyes a rest from the screen. You could also try ‘palming’ – simply rub your palms together gently until they are warm, then rest the heel of your palm over each eye.

1pm - Revitalise your afternoon

The hour after lunch can often be a sleepy one. Our Revitalise blend contains fragrant spices to give you an energising lift and help prevent that mid-afternoon energy dip.

 warms the digestive system and along with cinnamon and cardamom, this refreshing caffeine-free tea blend gently stimulates the body and mind.

Additionally, cinnamon adds sweetness to the blend, meaning Revitalise is the perfect substitute for tempting afternoon sugary snacks.

7pm – To naturally aid after-dinner digestion

Complete your evening meal with After Dinner  - a deliciously aromatic full-bodied blend brimming with herbs specifically designed to support optimal digestive functioning.

Chicory, aniseed and  all gently stimulate and support the digestive system. This is the perfect solution for calming the digestion after a little over-indulgence and is an ideal caffeine-free alternative to an after-dinner coffee. A great tea to drink in the evenings. 

9pm – To help you relax and unwind before bed

As you unwind before bed-time, a cup of Night Time tea around 9pm offers a sweet and soothing blend to encourage a blissfully restful sleep.

Valerian's calming effect is a great comfort to people struggling with everything from sleep and insomnia to nervous anxiousness. The addition of lavender flowers soothes, calms and reduces the stresses from the day.

, caffeine free tea work together to welcome a peaceful sleep, allowing you to awake refreshed and full of vigour.

Some of our favourite Pukka caffeine free herbal teas include

From dawn 'til dusk

Our new Day To Night Collection is available to buy from all good health food stores, and through our online retailers here.

Which of these blends helps to save your day? Let us know by using the #PukkaLife on instagram. 

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Author: Jo Webber

Head of Herbal Education

As a BSc qualified Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga teacher, Jo is passionate about bringing these two ancient sciences together to help people feel empowered about their health. Jo has put her post-graduate certificate in education to good use, co-founding the Ayurveda academy to help others learn of the wonders of Ayurveda.​ Jo has also earned a Masters degree in human sciences from Oxford University and has taught in several schools


BSc qualified Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga teacher

Years of experience:

20 years as a Hatha yoga teacher/ayurvedic practitioner

Professional Registrations:

Member of the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association

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