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A Simple Guide to Tending Your Immune Health in Fall & Winter

Our immune system is optimally supported when we get enough sleep, exercise moderately, manage our stress, and consume mostly whole and unprocessed foods each day. These are the pillars of health that contribute to our wellbeing, and build our vitality and immune resilience over time. 

However, during the change of season there is an extra pressure on our immune system due to the (sometimes dramatic) change in weather, and a sharp change in our seasonal diets. When we go from hot to cold or cold to hot quickly and unpredictably, it can lead to imbalance, especially if our stress is high, we’re not getting enough sleep, or our diets are lacking in essential nutrients. Daylight savings time also throws off our circadian rhythm and sleep patterns, and the approaching holiday season can increase stress for some. Our rhythms naturally ebb and flow with what each season brings, and paying attention to where our body may be struggling is an important part of maintaining overall health and wellbeing. 

In fall and winter when the seasonal transition is also seen with the presence of colds and flu, we should take a little extra effort to support our immune health with simple, daily inputs to encourage a healthy immune response. Using herbs is a gentle yet effective way to do this, along with maintaining a healthy diet, getting plenty of sleep, and managing our stress well. 


When you are engaging herbs to support your immune health, it is best to incorporate them into your daily routine, making them a preventative and essential part of your health - just like your food. 

Pukka’s Immune Range is a combination of herbal hero’s that support immune health for both preventive and acute needs. Including Elderberry Immune Syrup, , Elderberry & Echinacea TeaThree Ginger Tea, and Lemon Ginger Manuka Honey Tea, these expertly crafted herbal formulas are a wonderful addition to your fall and winter wellness cupboard, and excellent seasonal allies to include in your daily routine. 

Daily Immune Support Guide

Morning: Enjoy a cup of Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey tea to get your digestion primed for the day and encourage circulation. 

Morning or Afternoon: Take 1 teaspoon Elderberry Immune Syrup 

Evening: Enjoy 1 cup Three Ginger Tea + 1 capsule Mushroom Immune

Acute Immune Support Guide

Morning: Enjoy 1 cup of Elderberry & Echinacea Tea with 1 teaspoon of Elderberry Immune Syrup. 

Afternoon: Repeat another cup of Elderberry & Echinacea Tea + 1 teaspoon Elderberry Immune Syrup

Evening: Enjoy 1-2 cups Lemon Ginger Manuka Honey Tea along with a warm bath and a good night's sleep. 

Where Does Pukka Source Their Medicinal Practitioner Grade Elderberries?

Pukka’s organic, wild elderberries come from southern Hungary, where there is still a thriving industry of wild herb collection. The collectors have formed a small co-operative made up of about 30 people. Every year they harvest the berries from organically certified wild forest. Our herbs combine pharmacopoeial-level quality with certified organic and fair sourcing standards. Our formulas are 100% certified organic and free from synthetic color, artificial flavorings and additives. 

For personalized wellbeing guidance and herbal support, sign up for the Pukka Collective to receive monthly wellbeing  emails to support your health through every season.

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