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The Wellness Connection Podcast

The Wellness Connection is available on podcast platforms, including Spotify.

We’re so excited to finally be able to share our brand new podcast with you, The Wellness Connection.

Our host is the incredible Jasmine Hemsley, author, Ayurvedic expert and co-founder of organic food platform Hemsley+Hemsley. During these six short episodes, Jasmine will be chatting with inspirational personalities to explore how we can begin our journey towards creating balance and connection to ourselves.

Episode 1: Movement with Zanna van Dijk

Fitness icon, best-selling author and UN speaker, Zanna van Dijk, talks with Jasmine about how to incorporate movement into your life, especially after physical and mental setbacks.

Episode 2: Relaxation with Dr Ranjan Chatterjee

GP, TV doctor and author of “The Stress Solution” speaks with Jasmine about how we can find time to relax and reduce stresses that pervade modern life.

Episode 3: Intuitive Eating with Dale Pinnock

“The Medicinal Chef” Dale Pinnock talks about how we can reconnect with the food we eat and incorporate herbs into our diets.

Episode 4: Focus and Clarity with Becki Rabin

Entrepreneur and Business Coach, Becki Rabin, speaks with Jasmine about how we can achieve our full potential through greater focus and clarity.

Episode 5: Recovery with Adrienne LDN

Marathon runner and adidas spokesperson, Adrienne, talks about the importance of recovery in your fitness routine.

Episode 6: Connection with Jo Webber

Head of Herbal Education at Pukka talks all things Ayurveda and how we can listen to our bodies to reconnect with our wellbeing.

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