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Our perspective on cultural appropriation and appreciation

At Pukka we understand cultural appropriation to be when someone benefits from a culture different to their own, presenting the ideas, art, or traditions as their own, without paying the respect due to their origin.

At Pukka we are constantly inspired by the wisdom of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and western scientific herbalism. That’s why we have a team of experts who have dedicated many years to their study. We share herbal knowledge and credit the origin of the knowledge that has inspired us.

Anuradha Chugh, CEO of Pukka herbs:

"Pukka is deeply committed to learning from herbal traditions, like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine and western herbalism. Our team of herbal experts and practitioners dedicate themselves to spreading that knowledge throughout the organisation and beyond. We are proud to introduce people to herbal traditions and strive for more people to feel healthier and happier as a consequence."

Pukka has a long-standing connection with Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine and western scientific herbalism:

1. Pukka was co-founded by Sebastian Pole, based on a deep knowledge of Ayurveda and other forms of herbalism, following many years of study.

2. Pukka herbal experts include world-leading specialists who instil knowledge into all that we do.

3. We collaborate with world-renowned scientific research institutions to develop and share robust evidence for the benefits of herbs.

4. We use the highest quality, ethically harvested ingredients we can, working with farmers to nurture the health of their farms quality of their crops, and collaborating with FairforLife and FairWild to pioneer responsible sourcing.

5. We ensure a living wage is paid to all FairforLife farmers and pay a premium for our herbs, providing them with money to invest in community projects as they see fit.

We promise to:

  • Give credit to the relevant sources every time we draw inspiration from cultures outside of the United Kingdom.

  • Continually learn and deepen our understanding of the traditional wisdom we draw from.

  • Encourage our commercial, academic and education partners to make their own commitments to cultural diversity and uphold it through their own practice.

  • Continue to support the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association, the largest Ayurvedic community within UK.

  • Act as a gateway for people to discover more about traditional forms of wisdom such as Ayurveda, Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • Build a team of herbal experts that is diverse and representative of our partners, the people we serve and their cultural history.

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