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The Amazing Benefits of Mint tea

What is Mint?

Mint plants can be easily distinguished by the fresh, cleansing scent emitted from their leaves. You may even be lucky enough to have some fresh mint growing in a pot or on a windowsill. But did you know there are 25 different types of mint in the Mint family? These include peppermint, spearmint and fieldmint which together make up our Three Mint blend.

Mint has been used for centuries to cool and soothe digestive upsets, helping both refresh you and settle digestion. Mint not only supports digestion but is also rich in aromatic menthol essential oils which ‘wake up’ the senses, as well as being relaxing. It’s no wonder mint is one of the most widely consumed herbal teas across the world.

So, why's Mint tea so special?

Mint Tea is a popular herbal tea, frequently used to make hot tea as well as iced tea. Mint tea has numerous traditional uses. There are many well-known mint tea benefits.

There is something about a refreshing cup of mint tea that can make even the worst day seem just a little brighter.

For many years, mint herbal teas have been believed to provide healing powers for both the body and the mind.

Like most herbal teas, all plants in the mint family are 100% free from caffeine.

The mint family is packed with aromatic essential oils, such as menthol, giving its distinctive scent and taste. These essential oils are also responsible for many beneficial effects, explaining the long traditional use of plants such as peppermint. Peppermint can be found in our Three Mint herbal tea. Menthol has a soothing, cooling, and calming effect on the nervous system, respiratory and digestive systems. Field Mint, used in our Three Mint tea, have the highest levels of amazing menthol.

Why is drinking mint tea good for you?

The cooling and calming health benefits of mint have been widely researched (1) and include:

  • Digestive support: Mint supports the digestion system by calming digestive cramping making you feel more comfortable after a meal.

  • Hormonal health: Mint can help with women’s health issues by helping soothe menstrual cramping.

  • Clearing congestion: Mint is traditionally used in hot tea when we have a respiratory infection. While you drink the tea, make sure to inhale the steam coming off to help clear congestion.

  • Cooling and soothing: During the Summer months when Pitta can become aggravated Mint can help us to keep our cool.

Try making Deliciously different drinks using Pukka's Three mint tea

How we grow our highest quality mint?

All our mint is grown organically and harvested sustainably from its favoured habitat, meaning our mint is brimming with herbal benefits. To create a wider diversity of growers, Pukka has been working with farmers in India to establish new organic field mint farmers beyond the traditional growing lands. Cultivating this herb in other regions saves water, reduces the crop’s carbon footprint, and increases the amount that can be grown.

We capture the benefits of fresh mint in a wide variety in our tea Three Mint.

The fact that mint tea has a superb taste just makes the experience of drinking mint herbal tea all the more satisfying. Why not brew yourself a cup of mint tea now and see what it does for you?

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