Women's health

Thanks for visiting the Women's health section of our website. You will notice that the supplements look different - to find out what we've done and why please click here.
Our previous organic supplements can still be found for a limited time in the Health Store section of the site.

Coping with stress, eating the right diet and exercising regularly are the basics that lead to good health. For women, a balanced production of hormones to regulate the monthly cycle and removal of toxins are also needed.

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  • Love tea


    organic rose, chamomile & lavender flower tea: to warm your heart.

  • Harmonise


    organic rose, sweet vanilla & chamomile tea with shatavari: balancing for women.

  • Wholistic Shatavari

    Wholistic Shatavari

    An organic blend of whole & concentrated Shatavari root extract.

  • Women's tea pack

    Women's tea pack

    A celebration of Women's Health Week

  • Organic Ghee

    Organic Ghee

    A delicious clarified butter that's great for cooking

  • Ashwagandha


    Organic Ashwagandha whole root.

  • Natural Vitamin C

    Natural Vitamin C

    Naturally derived from organic fruit extracts and bioflavonoids including Acerola, Amla & Rosehips.

  • Womankind


    An organic nourishing blend including Shatavari, Motherwort & Red Clover

  • Rosewater


    Pure Rose petal essence