We felt it was time to add some Pukka magic to green teas. So we’ve poured energy and soul into re-inventing our green tea family - sprinkling the wisdom that only Sebastian Pole our master teasmith can add. From our revolutionary Supreme Matcha Green to the sublime sensuality of Serene Jasmine Green we hope you love our work. Here they are – helping both you and green teas come alive.

When you choose to drink our new green teas blends not only will you be supporting Fairtrade and FairWild, you’ll also be helping WWF’s Living Himalayas project as we’ll donate £0.20 with every pack sold. This project aims to protect 10,000 types of plant and 750 varieties of bird, along with endangered species like the snow leopard, horned rhino and tiger. That’s three-times the goodness, in just one cup. Not bad.

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  • Supreme Matcha Green

    Supreme Matcha Green

    A deeply renewing organic whole leaf green tea, blended with the finest emerald matcha.

  • Clean Green

    Clean Green

    A deeply purifying organic whole leaf green tea with whole Sicilian lemons and sweet fennel.

  • Serene Jasmine Green

    Serene Jasmine Green

    A deeply soothing organic whole leaf jasmine Mao Feng green tea, delicately infused with chamomile, rose and lavender.

  • Cool Mint Green

    Cool Mint Green

    A refreshing organic whole leaf green tea, deliciously infused with Egyptian spearmint.