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Vata Summer Tips

Vata types tend to be inspirational, creative geniuses that can be a bit spaced out and scatty. They tend to be thin and suffer from coldness and dryness. Like the wind they can be irregular, light and windy. 

The change in seasons can have a big effect on our body-mind type and therefore our health. Ayurveda has many helpful tips for how we can stay healthy all year round. With summer finally here, it’s important to make adaptations to our diet and lifestyle so we can help keep our dosha balanced and enjoy the summer sun. 

Pitta (the hot type) is naturally high in summer due to the increased heat. This heat gradually creates dryness and lightness in the environment which causes levels of vata (the dry type) to naturally accumulate towards late summer. 

If you are predominantly vata, it’s important to keep any pitta under control whilst also keeping vata in check. Follow a vata reducing diet and lifestyle, especially towards late summer. This means eating foods that have a naturally sweet and salty taste.

These are foods such as ghee, hemp seed oil, rice, quinoa, oats, squash, sweet potatoes, beetroots and fruits such as berries, grapes, plums, melons and avocado. Salty food, celery and lemons are useful too. These all help to remove the dry tendency that vata has. Although it is sweet, avoid too much honey in the summer as it is a bit heating. 

Digestion is generally not as strong in the summer months so you may feel a loss in appetite. Eat only when hungry and stick to light and easy to digest meals. Rising early before 7 am (vata time) when all is calm and cool gives you a naturally good start to the day. Massage your body for 5-10 minutes daily with Sesame or Relax oil before showering, this calms vata and nourishes the nervous system. Have a cup of Lemongrass & Ginger tea to clear and focus the mind

Eat a main meal at lunch time. Salads can aggravate vata as they are cooling and light, so if you are going to eat them, only eat salads at lunch time when your digestion is at its strongest and avoid them in the evening. Avoid vigorous exercise which will increase heat in the body and aggravate vata.Try walking, gentle yoga and slow breathing exercises like pranayama. Try doing some relaxation or yoga nidra everyday.

Drink Original Chai or Detox tea throughout the day to help regulate digestion, and in the evening take it easy with a soothing, grounding cup of Relax tea. Regular sleep and no late nights will help to keep vata in check!

Recommended vata balancing herbs:

Enjoy the summer sun!