Licorice & Cinnamon

Licorice but perhaps not as you think you know it. This isn't the black sticky stuff familiar from our childhood, but one of nature's sweetest most nourishing herbs. So put your preconceptions to one side and step into a world where the spicy swirl of cinnamon combines perfectly with the sweet mellowness of licorice. Be prepared for a revelation in tea drinking as you sip this naturally sweet, full-bodied tea.

Licorice is also one of our Fairwild herbs - which means we make sure we harvest it sustainably. For more about this - why not watch the film here - you'll see the incredible impact on The Great Hornbill of our Fairwild work. So you're not just drinking a delicious tea, you're doing something great for the planet too which is what being Pukka is all about.


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